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free nursing programs in arkansas Modern Dance Club: Dance

free nursing programs in arkansas

How to move a dance skills acquired in the studio at the club dance floor? How to make the audience? Of course, the club often can not dance like in the classroom, and the style of dance here is not a sign, whether it be hip- hop or You can adapt any dance style. Why must we adapt? First, school dances you are doing the movement with the greatest possible amplitude.

The teacher also tries to ensure you get physical exercise. Movement have scenic view. For a party movement razuchennye in Need a little " brushing" . Perform movements with smaller amplitude, nearer place his feet. Movement of hands, make every less sweeping, or lift his hands high, otherwise you risk offending the neighbors at the dance. Other movements do not change. The hands and face as much talked about, so if you minimize their movement, the dance loses its " brightness" . Achieve no weakness in your hands. Moving in general, with a small amplitude, we can show myself a beautiful dancer, coordinating the work of the entire hand until the tips of the fingers. Also, when you dance in the company, will pay attention to your face, shoulders, arms, and not on their feet. If dancing were the slopes, make them only symbolically. Jumping replace with a faint shock of the feet. And, of course, remove the motion on the floor. And secondly?

Secondly, in the dance school teachers are striving to meet the maximum movement in unit time, thus obtained finished concentrated compositions. Their little, and they quickly tire. They are good for classes, but not always for the club. One of the behaviors is the alternation of fragments of such combinations with repetitions of simple movements. For example, under the main part of music you perform several different movements in the same order as they come to mind, but during the chorus are carrying out some spectacular track movements.

And so on throughout the song. After each verse, you can repeat the same fragment, making it your refrain dance songs. Multiple repetition of one movement or bundles within the same song looks very harmoniously. When the music changes, and change your " chorus" . What can I do to make you admire the entire night spent on the club dance floor? It would be very cool if you play with your known movements, combining them in a different order, which creates the impression of diversity. And repeat the same movements within the dance again, strengthen your image. If you change the music, think of other movements, specifically related to her, and fun, combining them together. The atmosphere contributes to this disco, as First, youre not at the scene, and accordingly, do not concentrate attention on himself, and secondly, there is an incentive to prove more attractive because the homes do not survive such an attempt in front of TV or economic concerns. In order not to stop or break your dance, pre- developed several ligaments - a movement that will perform in a moment of choice for further combinations. Movement- ties must be perfectly executed several times, so choose the movements that you can do almost without thinking. Listen to music. Make sure that along with the rhythm of movement and music match the nature of performance.

You can navigate the dance floor, changing places with other dancers. How to make rapid progress in this direction? Practice at the disco - the best way to develop the ability to improvise. Remember that there are also theme parties: R & B, , Latin, etc. , where you can demonstrate the motion characteristic of these goals, but vseravno movement razuchennye dance school require some adaptation. You can also organize their theme parties, collecting a nice company. Source:

mid america school of nursing How to relax after a hard days

mid america school of nursing

There are plenty of ways to relax after a hard day. For some, the culmination of rest is communication with your family, someone prefers to reduce stress in a nightclub with friends, someone close quieter evening near a TV or a book, but what someone likes to shake the remnants of the working day, talking with a loved one . People are divided into two categories: those who prefer to relax with the help of physical relaxation and finding peace in the intellectual class. Crossword puzzles - one of the ways to relax. Most people who think that intelligent load after the working day, finally stressing the human body - wrong.

Assured that this proposition is an example of a deep delusion. Reveal all riddles, the decision logic of tasks, crossword puzzles helps to distract from thoughts about work. Look into the depths of his soul, and answer the question, how often do you talk about the work, being with your family? At least you kindly give the injustice head, tell me what turned out to be intractable another provider, and how you tortured client with questions about the merits of the vacuum cleaner. also will lead you in a completely different world, where there is no grumpy bosses, sophisticated business partners, annoying and meticulous buyers.

You are immersed in an extraordinary measure of new words, concepts and terms. In addition, solving a crossword - a way of remembering neologisms and the development of memory. Russian language is extremely rich and powerful, but in our lexicon contains only a small part of the total vocabulary. Do you value?

2e, which in some countries championships are held on to reveal all and drafting all kinds of puzzles? It is shaped stimulators our memory. Often the words are memorized automatically. In the process of decision, we suddenly remember that somewhere on a shelf collecting dust alone a large encyclopedia, donated by his son several years ago. As well, its there - because you can spy the name of the Arab peoples! If your family consists of some intellectuals, then the evenings can be arranged a little competition to solve crosswords. Winning Team, for example, released a week on homework, and the losers take all the chores themselves. The process of solving a compels us to think and think. Youll be surprised how many words you know, which did not even know. Solve different as often as possible!

levitra Temptation Or: - You are my


Temptation - a test of strength in certain situations in life . . . sometimes on small things, but sometimes fate throws you a very serious test . . . then Temptation is ready to fly in, to break led by the devil and completely change your life . . . and not for the better! I was alone on the street. Elegant, beautiful girl, to realize themselves in work, but unfortunately not having a family. So talking about me behind my relatives and friends. " Well, not come out yet? Already have time! " - The first thing I hear from old friends at the meeting. Why do all the climbing in my personal life! Let first take care of themselves! The phone rang. Denis.

To take or not take up. Temptation. - " Hey Lover" - Denis said a joyous voice. - " Im not your favorite! Your favorite home waiting for you tonight! " - I replied sharply. - " Thats it, no! Today it flies! In the trip! " - Says he is happy - " We meet? I can not live without you! ! I dream of only you, when she and I represent only you in her place, but it helps me to live at a distance from you!

Do not torture me, darling! " - He blurts out in one breath. It - it is Veronica - his wife. Children they have. And I, her childhood friend, even more, Im her best friend! When I saw the first time Dennis, I did not like him, he of the men who inspect and evaluate, and then greet. They had already decided to marry, the novel spun quickly, passionately and, of course, with a clear ending for all, family. For all, but not for me, Dennis always looked at me, trying to touch as if by accident, loved me talk, talk, but he loved Veronica! Two years. And then started ringing . . . - " Denis, Im not a favorite! And stop calling me! " - I tried to answer coldly - " Well the last time last time! Tonight, at our favorite restaurant!

At nine, Ill come at once, as I spend it! " How many of these recent times have - a thousand. The first time I even really thought that once a secret dinner with girlfriends husband had nothing of this, even romantic . . . He needs to talk about their problems to someone, and he does not want to share with my wife . . . well, there is also such a marriage must have . . . I wonder if he liked me or was it just a feeling of regret? Now I love it!

He was perfect, a good manager in the family, wants children, has her own business. Beautiful. Well, let the purity. Only if he initiated the relationship? No . . . Eyes?

Yes . . . whom to call when the computer broke? And then a car tire punctured? then in the evening blew tube in the apartment? . . . then . . . then . . . And Veronica . . . naive . . . maybe she already guessed everything? I can not look into her eyes! Im tired of this lie! And the last man for a year, only to excuse. Look! Hes there, I love him, everything is OK, and Denis I do not need! Need! I need only Dennis! - " Well, now nine. And do not be late. Otherwise, the dessert will not be! " - I gave up - " Everything, the whole tightly, tightly, baby!

I can not wait! " - He hangs up. Nasty feeling after the conversation. This was the point.

I broke the family. I broke the family my best friend. I do not want to live life without him had no meaning, and life with him had a vague outline of happiness . . . It speaks of a society such as I, though the literary word, but it is very unpleasant for me.

I succumbed to temptation. Well, Im an ordinary girl who wants love and happiness! And fate has played on this! " Maybe God put me on the experiments temptation? I will go home, get drunk tablets and die . . . I did not come. Sim card successfully flushed the toilet, along with the phone. She said she had lost. I went to another town, by the way, on very favorable terms! I like my rental apartment, in her cozy and very bright in the morning sun. Brighter than ever before. While it may not matter in the apartment. I nor anyone any explanations. Registered in the social network under a pseudonym. From there I learned that Veronica and Dennis had a baby.

Then I drank a bottle of wine. It was a holiday for me as if I myself gave birth to this child, if I gave him life. Now I have a novel . . . He looks like Dennis! But he did not he . . . he better! My phone rang. New. - " Hello my love! I so miss you! Come on over half an hour at our favorite place! ? " - Said the most beloved voice on the planet . . . - " Of course! Fly! " - I replied happily.

hilton garden inn des moines urbandale Chiang Rai - Mae Salong - Mae Malai - Pai - Chiang Mai -

hilton garden inn des moines urbandale

Chiang Rai - Mae Salong - Mae Malai - Pai - Chiang Mai - Ayutthaya - Sichang Island - Bangkok Darwin was right. My ancestors, along with dirty retroviruses morelyubivymi amphibians and English-speaking apes clearly have been a bird. As of April 26, 2008 I am in my 30 years been incomplete in 35 countries, has flown more than 130 000 miles of loyalty programs in the two carriers. On average, 4 000 miles per year. How would I have entitled my life? Apparently not "Olympic prospect, 26."

Another gene encoded a flight fell exactly on Good Friday. Thailand, called until 1939 Siam, literally translated either as "the country of Thais," or as "free country" ( "Thay" - to Thai " , Freedom, and Siam - the only country in Southeast Asia, which failed to colonize either France or Great Britain!). 65 million Thais have about 15 million tourists a year, tourism revenues account for about 6% of GDP. Kingdom is becoming less "Thai" and more "unfree" from tourists.

Despite this bias in Thailand I decided to visit the country still stands. First, since studies in Korea, I had a few amusing Thai friends (one a crank, for example, after receiving an MBA degree resigned from Samsung and went to work as a pilot in some start-up project called

). I wanted to visit them. Second, directors with fancy names and surnames did sometimes good movies - Fan Chan (My Girl), Beautiful Boxer, Tropical Malady and Ong Bak, and even dreary Thai music is not left I was indifferent. I wanted to get into the epicenter of all this. Thirdly, Taio0nd still holds many mysteries and absurdities. Thus, His Majesty the King of Thailand - the only monarch in the world, who has American citizenship and that the Constitution should be a Buddhist (in this case being the patron of all religions). Thai alphabet - the second largest in the world after the neighboring Khmer and the capital of Thailand is the longest city name in the world, consisting of 64 syllables ( "Bangkok - Village of Plum Olive - a nickname, historically a misunderstanding). In addition, Thailand - the most buddaemkaya country and the world: more than 95% of the population practice Buddhism in the country for more than 32 700 Buddhist temples, where about 370 000 monks and novices. This is about 1 in 170 citizens monk. I see this firsthand. Finally, Thailand - the worlds largest exporter of rice and one of the major economies burnorazvivayuschegosya region. So in terms of progressing agflyatsii regional graduate business schools could be slapped "nezachet" is absent from this field trip.

While everyone was busy shopping the monastery, the consecration of cakes and painted eggs on, I bought elektrobilet

-Bangkok-Moscow (20 000 rubles) and the same day, proudly boarded the "V. Kokkinaki" - Il-96, painted like a corporate Aeroflot egg. Since Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the CCCR, Air Force Major General, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR V. Kokkinaki late hour, passengers, slowly brought to an Easter sale in duty free. Apparently, strict fasting and blissful thoughts on Good Friday - the day of crucifixion and Christs passion - none of the following from Moscow to Phuket and Pattaya has not adhered to.

3 oclock the time difference to be overcome in 9 flight hours. In the twilight of night, we swept over Kabul, Lahore, Calcutta and Yangon. Was pleasantly surprised by the presence of green tea Aeroflot filling. Normal Maisky Chai in late April.

At 8 am under the sign Welcome to the Land of Smiles pass passport procedures. 25-dollar visa on arrival canceled a year ago. Now Thai pograntsy as their Malaysian counterparts, the Russians put a free stamp-long 30 days. Im trying to smile in the competitive digital camera border. It must be the same - The Land of Smiles! The official re-branding? Smile, without a doubt, better than elephants, massage, tablets, boxing and the twins. In the hall for domestic flights is check raspiarennogo regional discounter Air Asia. Ticket to Chiangraya I bought on their website the day before for $ 60. If the thought faster, could be cheaper. On board departures flights discounter visible to the naked eye - they are the only ones in the whole terminal, delayed an average of an hour. Democratic slogan

- Now Everyone Can Fly. How to interpret this? Whether even the stragglers on the flight, passengers can fly on Air Asia, or whether the economy is struggling with punctuality. At the boarding pass seat number is not specified - you can sit at any empty, as in the bus. Before Chiangraya our Boeing to fly 1 hour 15 minutes. Inexpensive fares fend off various services for an additional fee. For example, one piece of luggage costs 30 baht (if you register on site at the airport - 50B), the so-called Xpress Check-in is paid from a separate, different snacks and sandwiches on board the cost of 70-90B. Red and white Air Asia could easily become the official carrier of "Spartacus" on flights in the Asian part of Russia, but today there vtyuhivayut such bizarre items, as beysbolki (290B) and T-shirts (390B) Manchester United. Water and bombs can not bring on board. Even for an extra charge:)

From Chiangraya in Chiang Mai: the hypotenuse of the Golden Triangle Chiang Rai City has been very pleasant, provincial and compact place with the strong influence of the nearby Burma. 785 km from Bangkok, 580m above sea level - this is the fundamental measure of this city. Winding river and a dozen churches did not attract predatory flocks of tourist buses. However, this city - the first capital of the kingdom of Lanna (occupies the entire north + Laos). It is more than 30 years older than the current tourist capital of the north - Chiang Mai (in 1296 in the present co Chiang Mai - New City - the king divinely were deer and white mouse, so it was decided to establish a new capital is there). In Chiang Rai total 62 000 inhabitants, 12.5% of whom are colorful natives called hill tribes - the surrounding "mountain people". Well here are more famous lychee fruit and a sandy beach on the Kok River, which is called "Pattaya".

On a single hill at the river shore panoramic Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong on the 14-meter gold stupa and colorful Sadu Muang - whether phallic symbol, or the navel (the geographical center) of the city, or the Buddhist symbol of the universe (such as Borobudur in Java ). The nearby temple of Wat Phra Kaew gave the world one of the most revered Buddha statues - Emerald Buddha, which is currently in safekeeping in the eponymous twin-temple in Bangkok. In 1434, in an octagonal stupa of the temple was struck by lightning, and it split - he reveals the light of day sitting Buddha jade. Like the dwarf from "Amelie", he soon went for a walk on the world - Sri Lanka, Kampuchea, Ayutthaya, Lampang, Chiang Mai, Vientiane - in 1778, finally settled in Bangkok. On the 90 th anniversary of the Queen Mother unknown Chinese millionaire chiangrayskomu temple gave a copy of the original Jade. But 10 mm shorter. The fact that the Buddhist canons prohibit the manufacture of replicas of sacred places.

Besides these two iconic temples, Chiang Rai in many less well known. Everywhere protrude towers houses for spirits - habitats of local demons and spirits, which, as in Bali, trays various offerings, water and fruit. In these blessed places on the outskirts of the Golden Triangle Buddhism, communism and hemp are fighting for the best of opium for the people.

Few chiangrayskie tourists - tranzitniki. More than one or two days here are held only trekkers in comfortable footwear. Here I am, sending morning smsku "Christ is risen!", Moved to an even more extreme north to the bus, which was so much hair dryers, that it seemed he was about to take off.

The village Santikhiri (formerly known as Mae Salong) 80 km from Chiangraya - a former center of the opium trade, turned into a harmless and prosperous Little Switzerland (altitude of 1800m). Opium poppies on the Burmese authorities pushed the beds, but instead of smiling alpine cows, chocolate and cheese have focused on green tea and cherry trees. Its premises have historically been inhabited by the ancestors of the true Chinese Kuomintan from the army, fled here in 1949 through Burma. Political refugees founded on the pony in desolate mountain village in Thai yunnanskom nostalgic style. Until now, the Chinese language here can be heard more often than the Thai, in the parking lot for Ping Pong tables and portraits Chenkayshi, and instead of tom-yum soup on the table there is oolong tea, tofu, and one-thousand years old eggs.

The Thai government has left illegitimate Chinese garrison for a reason. They were asked to guard the northern territory from gaining force in 1960-1970- years. communist movement. For these strategic goals, all means are good, and in an interview with British journalists ki-Thai military leader frankly admitted: We have to continue to fight the evil of communism, and to fight you must have an army, and an army must have guns, and to buy guns you must have money. In these mountains, the only money is opium. Heroin against Marx and Engels.

Communism retreated. Opium is smoked. Now the only thing for what can go here - to observe the life of ethnic minority. Mountain tribes are advertised on postcards and brochures as well as in Russia - nanotechnology. Colorful representatives of the Akha, Yao, Karen, Lahu, Hmong and Lisa kept their languages, cultures and esoteric practices. In their straightforward village high in the mountains and a few dogs wandering backpackers. Personally, I liked most Akha: their women wear head futuristic iron plate with balls and a gate of the village residents put a big doll with specific wooden genitals. In many villages hanging signs homestay - you can stop and have a smoke, sleep (from 100B). Caught very advanced ethnic groups - in one village I met the solar batteries and recycle bins for various types of garbage! Eccentric environmentalist Horton the elephant, walking through the jungle, approval would have slapped ears.

Okurenny another spiritualistic Lahu tribal leader from all sorts of trouble in life, I drank in the evenings on the veranda of the hotel excellent local teas in a society such losers, parasites, sociopaths and broken. All of our pathological social environment he lived in a hotel, similar to an alpine clinic, with free internet access, where rooms rent for 50 baht / night (40 USD), and energy resources - local massage umelitsy-shamans - cost of 100 baht per hour (80 USD). Someone came here a couple of days, someone could screw together here all my life. I remembered the same Thai film - Fan chan - the director with a nostalgic look at childhood. I saw him twice on the Fantastic Film Festival in Korean Bucheon. Maybe Thailand - this is a window into childhood. What kind of books Paul Sanaeva "Bury me for skirting.

Mae Salong - a good place to remember and about John Rambo. Is this not, in almost unformed and unprotected border with Burma, he settled after his brutal brain twisting works in Vietnam and Afghanistan, industrial rybokobrotorgovley? Remember? Live for nothing, or die for something! - boatman in the dress code, an American tourist holds a coaching session with a mercenary-riot policemen in the Indochinese jungle. Lessons do not go in vain. When appropriate TNT equivalent is exhausted, a righteous and fear God the white missionary will seek non-Christian rock in the temple - a peacekeeping mission progressive Varangian functionaries drown in blood "barbarians". Those-who-knows-better-life-other against those who spat-on-those-who-knows-better-life-other. Sound familiar? And this picture is notable for the fact that only one in the entire movie turns out to be a blonde ... unsympathetic.

From the cinematic reflections led me to the cyclone Nargis. May 3, he hit Burma - about 100 000 victims, more than 40 000 are still missing. And throughout northern Taya loaded rains. Well, that Yangon was not convenient connections to Bangkok, and I still stopped by his choice of Chiang Rai. Lucky, as Gus Hiddink.

New arrivals from Laos raucous French puzzling me zolototreugolnym, apparently the question: Hey, dude, do you know where we can get some grass?. Pretend that the question to me as incomprehensible as "Putins Plan". This morning Im going in the direction of Pai, in Tha Ton, but because of the weather and the karma bus schedules had to spend the night in the village of Mae Malai, in the only city in the entire hotel. Mae Malai - this is not the city. Is a hole. Something like Bruges. "Um, where is it?" - you might say. This is in Belgium. The rain stops, and on TV twist an old movie Birthday Girl with Vincent Cassel in the role of the Russian -mafia.

Morning weather, like Russias government has demonstrated its continuity, and I went to the famous caves slonovnik near Chiang Dao. Elephants - like a smile, boxing, and sex - are a national symbol of the kingdom. Until 1917, white elephant, even attended the national flag. But elephants are disappearing - and not only with the flag. It has now graze not more than 3 000 wild elephants - less than in neighboring Burma, but more than in India. 2 300 animals kept in captivity - mostly they are engaged in the tourist business, logging, construction and other works in the jungle. Wed experience of working elephants - 50 years, and upon reaching 61, the Thai laws require the owner to let the elephant on the will-retire. However, economic difficulties and the industrial modernization of labor is increasingly forcing some owners to dismiss kormoemkih elephants - and these declassed wandering ronin on Thai spaces, trampling crops, and the wrath of the local Agricultural Producers. Other owners of the opposite - over-exploited animals. Plying their amphetamines and forced to work around the clock, trying to squeeze out of them to the maximum. Complicated life of elephants.

Elephant performance in slonovnike runs twice a day in the morning. Within 30 minutes of a dozen animals walk in a circle, squatted, put logs in a neat polenitsu raise and return the owner had fallen tools, hats and bottles of mineral water. In general, elephants, their trunks antics curious tricks with a variety of subjects - from bottle to straw hats. Much the same can be seen on the famous vagina-show in Bangkok and Pattaya. Trunk - it is the same vagina. It is fortunate that the Thais have not yet smart enough to make an elephant in play ping pong and open bottles of beer, their genitals. I hope to organize on the basis of slonovnika go-go bar for zoophilia fantasies they also will not suffice. In the meantime, catharsis, the last number - the so-called killer application - this elephant painting. Arming his nose with a brush, animal painter elephant quickly made a set of parallel colored smears. All this was like the creation of a fashionable and superkontseptualnogo artist! Connoisseurs can immediately purchase slonopolotno (500B).

Gentle and sentimental elephants - as emo. You can watch hours of their lives. Especially young naturalists can get volunteers for a couple of weeks, months - to help, care, feed, and to walk pets.

In four or five hours drive from slonovnika is another mountainous bekpekerskaya mecca - Pai. Not so long ago it was a quiet county town on the banks of the river netihoy the same name. Now the airport is opened, with daily flights to Chiang Mai, there are several ATM and stores 7 / 11, and the streets are full of advertisements of more than 100 gesthausov, restaurants, jazz-bars, internet, massage and trekking services. As a result - on the streets more often confronted with Farang, foreigners, than, actually, with the Thais. 3 Farang and 1 taets 6 glasses of beer poured CHANG and served in a relaxed form at the shade of coconut trees - thats the whole formula is proprietary razdolpaiskogo cocktail. The official motto of this place sounds like a DO NOTHING IN PAI (not weakly, but ?! I also like it!). This every step of the approved show village soviet postcards and T-shirts. Desperate nichegonedeyatelyam proposed ascension to the pagoda on the hill, rafting, hot spa springs with temperatures ranging from 80 to 200C, several waterfalls and slonovnik with walks. Inspairation! Very colorful Wednesday Market, which in the early morning down a lot of ethnic people from the sensitive surrounding mountain villages. Pairadise!

Besides all this, Pai is known for his hyperactive police station. In 2006, the chief of police staged a series of brave checks urination vacationers - in bars and other entertainment establishments. We love utopai! Backpackers with low-quality Urino fell to the district jail, where a few days later they were released under the "penalty" 5 000-10 000 baht. Finally, on Jan. 5, 2008 sergeant fatally shot a local branch of a Canadian tourist and wounded a second. According to eyewitnesses, all participants in the incident were pretty drunk. Good Pai Days!

After four hours of continuous serpentine drive from Pai to the south you get to the northern capital of Thailand - practically Peter - Chiang Mai. Since the end of XIII century.


los angeles yellow pages Hotel.Stayed at the hotel "..Rested with the family at the hotel azalea 4

los angeles yellow pages


Stayed at the hotel ".

Rested with the family at the hotel azalea 4 * 14 days from 20.06.05 to 04.07.05. The country, resort and hotel selected upon the recommendation of the employee, who were there in September 2004, ie when it was built and opened the hotel. We are very grateful to her for this recommendation. We are truly rested. Hotel Azalea in the opinion of many vacationers is the most beautiful hotel in this resort. Located directly on the sandy beach, this same area pools, two slides for children, two bars. The water in the basin of warm, mineral with a small addition of chlorine, you do not feel. Nearby in another hotel pool with hot mineral (hydrogen sulfide) water. Umbrellas and sunbeds at the pool free of charge, on the beach with charge. We occupied sunbeds at the pool and swim where we wanted. Nobody touched our towels and things. Continuing area is protected by the security service hotel. The beach itself is sandy, clean, but cigarette butts here and there came across. The sea is very clean and beautiful (with a small turquoise blue). Even during a storm, the water was clean and we are very happy to ride the waves. After the storm, there was no debris, algae, etc. The hotel has a large hall with a reception, lobby

, Soft sofas and tables. Everywhere the air conditioning and where was it not feel comfortable.

All rooms with sea view. Non standard, clean, two large bed and one chair, coffee table, desk, wardrobe, satellite TV, mini bar with refrigerator (for a fee), two large mirrors, telephone. In the bathroom sink with a table, large mirror, toilet,

with shower and a shelf for towels, phone! Built-in air conditioner in4ividualnogo use (works very quietly!). Double-glazed window to the entire width of the room with sound insulation. Carpeting. On the balcony table with two chairs and dryer. Rooms are cleaned daily, bedding changed every 3 days, toilet paper, shower gel, shampoo, bath salt - replenished constantly. Towels (three species) changes daily. Bathrobe.

SPA-center is good, a lot of procedures for those who want to lose weight and improve their health. Staff of the center refers to his work professionally, and believe me as a doctor. Gym (small) for free. Indoor swimming pool with very hot water, there is a sauna, bar. Dining in the restaurant half board - Swedish table. Exotics were not, but the rest was all: berries, fruits, vegetables, meat, soups, fish (salmon), cut, pickled vegetables, confectionery, jams, honey, tea, two types of different coffee, milk (yummy), dairy products etc. All cooked very tasty and satisfying, as well as well and we should not wait. All tables are served and clean, not always enough when you come - for breakfast or dinner. Used dishes were removed immediately. The very nice restaurant, you can enter the open area of the restaurant and taking food to admire the sea. Who you like. Minus one. At dinner drinks are chargeable. Well, this problem can be solved. We bought a cheap but tasty wine, juice, fruit, and with delight in the evening on the balcony with direct views of the beautiful sea all stuffed into already overcrowded stomach. Despite the warning on the Prohibition of the installment of food and drinks in the room, we have no one expressed his displeasure, but instead carried an empty bowl in the morning.

Animations in the hotel, you can say no. Entertainment vacationers a handwork holidaymakers. Only twice in 2 weeks was the performance of Bulgarian folk dance group. Every evening in the lobby of one and the same musicians played on the synthesizer and sang the popular things are different overseas. No playgrounds, table tennis. Conducted survey. Hotel is brand new, I hope will take into account the wishes of all holiday-makers to improve the service. Meanwhile, more walked, swam, sunbathed, etc. Everyone who wants a comfortable and relaxing holiday - the road to the Azalea! And do not look for cons! Good luck!

downtown los angeles virtual office space Hotel.Stayed at the hotel ".. Rating: 8.2Hotel nice, new,

downtown los angeles virtual office space


Stayed at the hotel ".

. Rating: 8.2

Hotel nice, new, in good condition, clean surroundings, respectful attitude to the Russian staff. Everything in general, not bad. However, our year-old child. On the third day after his arrival his temperature rose to 38, vomiting, diarrhea - green chair. We are scared to death, rushed to a private Turkish hospital, with whom ROSNO contract. Diagnosis: acute gastroenteritis, a viral intestinal-bacterial infection. Day child lay in a dropper. As he wept when they tried to get a needle in his thin, thread-like wreath! Confused Turkish nurse has injected too quickly, the solution is left under the skin, the hand was swollen (dissolved in twelve hours). In short, we returned to the hotel. And suddenly I know that some of our friends have children the same symptoms as other general visited the same hospital and have exactly the same as ours, the doctors opinion. In the third child in the room is the patient with a temperature of 38, his tears. I furiously demand a meeting with general manager. He refused to meet me, referring to employment, asked to clarify the question through a subordinate. In the evening we went to dinner, the general manager is among the staff of the hotel, welcoming guests at the door of the restaurant. I guessed that it was their boss and went straight to him, so they say, and so, you have that, a pancake, the hotel epidemic? His name is Hakan Kaya (Hakan Kaya). The manager of sweat on his forehead. "This is the first case. I do not know about it. Ill definitely going to find out." In short, for the remainder of the week, he avoided to fall on my eyes. And in the end, no response, we do not poluyu8li from the head of the hotel, but promises that "he will understand." We assumed that the hotel was poorly myty fruit, in particular - the grapes. Hakan said that they wash their cars with food chemicals. What they have all the certificates, the doctors conducting regular tests. Nevertheless, the fact remains: c 03.10.07 to 17.10.07 same symptoms: fever, vomiting, diarrhea was green in children: Room number 2031, 5025, 4092, 4060.

In principle, it is possible to heat the hotel is a lawsuit, but for this I need a) a list of people who have had similar problems with a medical report from the hospital, b) information from a Turkish hospital for those who applied to them tourists from the hotel Silence Beach Resort for the season . Would give a hospital an answer - a question ...

travel agent training programs In Kryyymm!It was summer. Daughters of 3 and 9 years old and his

travel agent training programs

In Kryyymm!

It was summer. Daughters of 3 and 9 years old and his wife began to demand an immediate holiday in the Crimea. The decision was quick. Were going to Sevastopol. Call the hotel at Cape Fiolent and ordered a two-room for 18 days to 2000 rubles per day.

The trip began with a training-pass MOT 45000 miles, acquisition navigator Garmin 205, which additionally bought a

Ukraine and Crimea - work perfectly. For 1200 rubles received:

Russ TC in the Moscow highway.

Navlyuks liked very much accurate and useful.

A few days before departure prosherstil site A. Dybov. After reading about the atrocities GAItsev, customs officials, environmentalists and other rogues, wound himself up ugliness. Morally prepared for the courts, and dirty melee harassment to my snow-white girls honor.

Things at once decided to take the minimum, only the most necessary. Himself must type a single huge chemodanische, sports bag and a childrens backpack.

In addition, they took a laptop - for the photo, two cameras - one normal and soap dish, camera,

Two childrens car seats, childrens pot, flippers, masks, beds, a basket of food, water, coffee in banks, energy.

As a result, the car was no free space on the floor in the cabin. Since I am old

traveler, I know that across the border to carry any weapons complex. Electric-seize, the bits (probably need help, that is really an athlete), knives, even a tourist, gas cans, etc.

My choice - Sapper shovel. Experienced fighter elite stroybatovskih units easily from the fence and before dinner, dig a trench in its commanding height. I like p0ayne unbalanced and asocial type hacked sapper shovel in minced meat of any enemy.

Departure early in the early morning, three hours. For most it was still yesterday and they were either dreaming or drunk and happy return home, when we quickly piled into my beloved Civic, put their daughters and not rushed sensing under a road.

The route follows - Penza, Tambov, Voronezh, Belgorod, Kharkov, Simferopol, Sevastopol. In Russia, we go cautiously with bated breath. GAItsev lot. Do not download anything, do not cross solid. Before Voronezh reached fairly quickly, navigator tempting to go through the center, but I want to go on bypass. For some reason I think so will be faster. Bypass - hammered. Transit trucks, local, traveling to the beach, repairs. Lost a bundle of nerves and two hours of time. On the way back trust in an electronic brain, and slipped through the city quickly and comfortably.

Navigator provides all relax when driving through cities. Without hesitation and almost without looking at the signs indicating the exit, quietly going on the set route. Leaving the city,

function of the router disabled. Going for the signs, checking the navigator of a purely formal.

We rush Belgorod.

Before reaching the border, near one of the fillings Auntie waving hands, pointing at the sign - sale of Ukrainian avtostrahovki. We stop. Price is quite acceptable -350 rubles per month for the 1.8 engine. I do not even have any soviet suspicion - and that as cheap? But the insurance agent swore sworn, and thus easily dispelled my doubts.


Masha little, so lucky. Fifteen minutes later, already on Golodomorskoy border. ALL with Russias numbers are sent to the red channel. Interestingly, and for whom the green? Do all have good reason to send the declaration and inspection?

Dully trying to slip into the side of the green corridor. Surprised by the border guard soldier who throws himself under a car.

-You sho? All there!

Are attached to nekhilyy column - thirty cars. Intersect, how much time is spent on servicing the same - five minutes at least, a maximum of fifteen. For me, watch officer and a sergeant. Suitable and the officer says:

- Ask!

- A faster can?

- Well of course you can, correctly reasoning! Five hundred rubles, and in three minutes you are in Ukraine.

Confess. Ukrainians are so friendly and neunizitelno extort money, that I felt myself not briber, and lucky.

Three minutes later, I was enjoying the speed of an ideal route towards Kharkov. At the first gas station after the border the most advantageous exchange rate.

It was getting dark, we had to eat quickly and at night.

My favorite restaurant was crowded Auto grill! No where to park the car. Theres a crisis ...

Go further.

In the past year, returning from the Crimea, we found a nice hotel on the edge of the forest. Called lair. This year decided to taste it. It is situated on the bypass road between the entrance to the city and turn on the Sand. Here are the exact coordinates:

Hotel exceeded all our expectations - clean, cozy, chalet-style interiors, a large bed, great shower. In a neighboring building restaurant. The paths of gravel and stone for the parking barrier. All done with love and grace. We paid about 1300 rubles. I recommend to all.

Early in the morning fresh and rested gratefully say goodbye to a very polite and friendly administrator.

In the path. Hurray, soon the sea!

From Kharkov quite decent track. Gasoline is approximately the same everywhere - about 25 rubles. Dressings modern, staff friendly and peaceful. Toilets are on each refueling.

Our compatriots, those who, apparently, does not often happen here are running the car, out of habit run into the bushes.

Melitopol at traffic lights see the running me-age of thirty, with buckets and mops.

-No, - I shout, I have a clean machine.

-Come on you, give, do not mind how many orphans.

Green caught fire.

Last minute washed all the windows, the howling of the rear facing drivers. Chief orphan looks into the car:

- Hryvnia 20 (80 rubles) at least give at all!

Not a fig! Stretched to 10.

Next Checkpoint - restaurant Peach, I mean the furnace in Russian, not far from Melitopol. Building the national rural style with brooms, fence and straw. The four ate for $ 1000.

We flew along Betonka. I try to hold on to the sponsor, as well as safely and quickly. All Betonka was 180 kilometers in my opinion. Speed 130-180.

I jump like a flea from the tail of one machine to another - choose the most nimble. Are attached for Octavius. We go long and fast.

Wipe the foreskin zebra. Across the street skipping sweeps Holodomor victims. Points to the radar:

- Please look here Skoda-150, but you-143.

- A little bit the same, can I go?

- Where a little, Smara, 143 kilometers per hour.

- Well, it is 130? 143 minus 130 equals 13. And the repression of the driver can be used in violation of more than 20 miles per hour. Internally exultant their literacy-site thanks to Anton Dybov.

- Oh, no, there before the bridge - a gesture - is a sign-road car! And what speed is allowed after this sign? 90!

- Clearly, - I say - well, I went for the money. I took out 200 rubles, stretching.

Person pulled DAIshnika surprise, eyebrows fly up above the forehead. All his appearance, he tries to show its dissatisfaction.

- What is it?

- Money - say. Russias ruble.

- I understand that for the amount so strange?

- Its entire two hundred rubles!

-Can you also give delivery? - Asked quite seriously.

But what is enough?

- Yes, thats in front of you stopped by Skoda, the woman gave a 100 hryvnia (400 rubles) and calmly went on, and you are trading, pay and go quickly, while the sea is not cooled down - the second policeman intervenes passing it to you, then you are on.

- Yes, I would gladly, hryvnia is not at all, only on gasoline.

- So lets rubles.

- Yes and no rubles, all the money on the card.

DAIshniki instantly changed the tone of a friendly official and began a race to marinade - do not worry comrade driver now seizing the driver, write protokolchik, reach the nearest bank - 70 km, and promptly pay all back, we may be somewhere around here will.

Here is my surprise there was no limit. Paintings are exhibited right foot forward, make the face of injured innocence, get a folder with printouts of fines, regulations, instructions, a policeman and other rubbish, and trying as much as possible out of a plausible, they start screaming.

- I do not have the right to withdraw, except to sign the act of voluntary surrender of rights will not! Write to the protocol, will pay for 15 days - no question!

), Was a printout with phone numbers of all regulatory authorities.

- What is there in your area, call will, say, illegally the right to collect!

Policemen exchange glances, one of them fit closer vytyagivet neatly out of my fingers 200 rubles, returns the documents and said:

- Comrade driver, youre at sea are coming! Spoil the mood in the morning to yourself and us. What do print, youd better have more money!

The situation suddenly discharged, I was stupid smile, the police turn their backs hurt. I feel somehow uncomfortable, politely say goodbye and wish each other a good journey, flat road, peace, good harvest, etc.

Everyone knows that the penalty in Ukraine can not pay. It is a fact, which is not dismissed lightly. But personally I believe that, if violated, I must pay. Type self-punishment. In Ukraine, you can pay on the spot, therefore, my 200 rubles - not a bribe.

Most did not stop me even once.


In Dzhankoi stops at fruit merchants. How much? Peaches - 18 UAH. Melon 8. We take on the road.

Villages fly, not catching his eye.

Simferopol big and noisy. Navigator copes perfectly well.

At lunch, finally, in Sebastopol. First we go to Russias Sberbank, deduct the money from the card to pay for the hotel. An hour later, all things are scattered, we are in bathing suits (I was in swimming trunks

), Run on the beach ...

To determine the places for swimming, it is better to talk with locals. What they offer will differ from the conventional holiday destinations. Most likely, it will be a small pocket beach in the private sector

with a stony beach and clean water, or a country difficult to access.

This is all the suburban line from the beach Omega, the Cape Chersonese, Fiolent and to Balaklava. Slopes are very diverse - goat trails (slipped - and you are trying to collect in the bottom of the bag), stone and metal stairs (in the past year, they say, due to corrosion of one of the bays off and some dude seriously hurt) and my favorite , descent with dangling electric wires. Main chip with cable is that for him to hold on with both hands, if you have a spare third, then it does not hurt.

Each of his favorite place.

Photo 2 pair of nudists knot a nest. A couple of male nudists. So thats how they reproduce - lay eggs on the slopes ...

Sandy beaches - on the north side, long and clean. There is a lot of hotels, inns, cottages, clubs. There is one youth - houses, club music, uncontrolled sexual relations machine for cleaning the sand - there is everything for a full student recreation.

In the center of the embankment, near the monument to the lost ships, which go a thousand tourists, including foreigners, Sebastopol Old ladies undress and bathe. I have long tried to photograph the symbol of the city without a crowd around naked.

By the way, the local guys basically do not wear swimming trunks, but rather to the family underwear. The longer, the steeper. Tourists taken affectionately call


Food is much cheaper. August 1 for my oldest daughters birthday. Not particularly looking forward to success in the supermarket Buffet bought flavored meat for shish kebab. They took two of ten possible. The hotel has a grill, the euro bought firewood for 60 rubles, fire and ...

The meat was amazing. Once again, the meat - amazing! Citizens, in Sevastopol in the shops sell excellent mertvyachinu! For two hundred rubles a kilo.

Having tried many Crimean wines, my wife and I decided to love one brand - Inkerman. Home we carry basically it.

dry Bastardo, looked at the address label of the plant, beat him in the navigator and

next morning on their way.

Navigator, for reasons known only to him took us through the center and traffic jams. Then through the railway station and some back streets - in the mountains.

Inkerman considered part of Sevastopol. Especially, in my opinion, attractive plant, carved in the rocks at a depth of about 50 meters. The whole town is punctuated by bays of ships. Five minutes to the city and we are near the winery. We go to our shop - prices are cheaper supermarketovskih twenty per cent. But thats not the price but in stock. I bought bottles of thirty - for relatives, friends, a little bit - a box - a.

dry white. Ask the seller to break it. Lets go, Im glad thats great, I say, Zatar. And how cheap! A collectors wine drink when youre a woman,

give birth to my son!

Wife looked at me, snorted resentfully.

Come, I unloaded the wine, love to go over ... No lisping my collector! How? Classmates Where to cut? I checked the check. Not punched. Hotels announced the howl of a wounded rhinoceros.

The wife laughed for an hour.

The next day, humble and silent, with tail between its legs again, I went and bought the bottle. By the New Year.

And in general.

So enjoy the city that wanted to stay. Bought the local newspaper, watched how do that, which can be stuck. Almost nowhere. Salaries are low, commercial real estate dear. Near Artbuhty, one of the slopes, in the basement (!) Some ayzer sells less than 50 square meters for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. What is there to do a square?

Flats with a sea view from 24 000 rubles per meter. A year ago treSka cost 100-120 thousand dollars, the studio is very bu. 70-80.

Many large open spaces on the coast. Download the photo of 3 of the net are for illustrative purposes. If there is a master of photography, to convey his heartfelt greetings. No, Im kidding, of course, my photos, as I remember, so it hired a helicopter (photo 4), circled the city for a great shot, but at this point I was thrown off with a parachute. What do you say? Racurs look like? Well, it happens. Ideas in the air.

Note the photo 5 - the chair is, but there is no fence. Posh view from the balcony, right in the shorts do not go.

In Sevastopol is an interesting place in the beach area and the Omega of the monument, in my opinion, Catherine

. Void windy sea winds. Arrives, local, throw barbecues, swimming among the amazing waves. Selects families, companies.

However, I was about to splash, but my darlings is strictly prohibited - she did not believe that the land Srednevolzhskaya rat cope with the waves.


I already know what Jasper down to the beach and we will, as from time to time, I was concerned about youth sports injuries, wrap the elastic bandage knees, and pulled the top of knee. A sort of bodryachkom- wear a bag with food and household goods by the shoulders, take a three-year daughter in his arms and slowly slip down the stairs. Height - 260 meters above sea level. I was down for about 20 minutes - the load on the knees is very sensitive.

Slowly, her legs, barely able to dodge escapes, rather flying down boys, girls, and dyadenek tetenek. Wow, and now retired, and I overlooked. Well, well.

Going down, find a swim and is sunbathing wife and eldest daughter.

First day at sea - the most memorable. Water is clean and clear.

Half Day strenuously rest.

Not far from the coast under water are scattered large stones. The depth of around 2 to 5 meters. Wearing sunglasses enjoy underwater diving. Animals small and if comes across poludohly Crab or rapanchik not leave him no chance for salvation.

One of the drawbacks of the beach - complete lack of sunbathing topless.

Rise - a completely different song. It works the muscles and already I am, grinning, with a child and I passed all bag. Well, maybe not everyone, but retirees accurately. At the very end of the climb ahead of an old grandmother who suffered at the hands of an adult son and grandson. When lifting the top, felt the conqueror Dzhumalungmy.

Towards attending the company of young people, looked at me and stopped. One of the guys thoughtfully:

- Looking at this rocker dude - poke at me - I want the beach less.

My bag behind and then saturated. His legs were shaking, each time I tell myself - all this was the last time. Immediately recall the words of my friend - this would find a woman with shortness of breath. Why do you want? Once, she burns with love, Zabierzow me walk on the tenth floor and die in my arms ... (If this anecdote - I beg your pardon for copyright).

On this beach we went down 14 times out of 18 days leave.

After the third day of painful descents and ascents organism used and is practically did not rise.

Calories burned so much that no cakes before going to sleep, or four meals a day could not stop the imminent loss of weight. Eleven days later the result was obvious - on the sides of the body fat is burned off, exposing the frail muscle press. In addition, it means that you can walk on the beach, without dragging the abdomen. Wife postroynela even stronger. If the leave lasted, say, all summer and every day down to the beach, you can actually lose ten pounds without changing eating habits. Chur, this is my topic for the dissertation.

Speaking of cake. In the supermarkets of their great variety, sell as much as you ask to cut off, a wide range, quality excellent. In big stores put tables and chairs, as in the cafe. Eat, do not want. At the Big Sea is a small shop, which also bake and sell cakes and excellent cakes.

One of my favorite spots in town - quay.











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hotels at pearson airport toronto 23/01/2010Bangkok. City of Angels and highwaysTypically, tourists

hotels at pearson airport toronto


Bangkok. City of Angels and highways

Typically, tourists are only a transit point, the fork on the road to Pattaya for Phuket, albeit with an obligatory stop for a day or two. However, Bangkok is worth it to fly here on purpose.

Most velikorechivy toastmaster at the wedding of the Georgian "rest" when the sounds official name of the capital

: Exquisite Royal Capital, Invincible Glorious Land, Incomparable Treasure of Gods Treasures, World of greatness and honor, strewn with pearls, Supreme Royal box and the Grand Palace, Divine Shelter and Sanctuary Spirit Reincarnation ... And the most amusing that all of this newcomer in the Guinness Book name & ndash ; absolute truth.

At the same simplified version of Bangkok - it is Krung Tep, "City of Angels", and I am also happy to accept, though not very clear why a purely Buddhist nation exalted Christian character and not more appropriate devas. But tourists are still not so important, because the Thais - the smiling and friendly people in the world and their capital - it is like a glass of brandy for optimists and pessimists - for one half the total - for others, half empty: some are dusty and stuffy, and on the roads - the solid plug, jostling and carbon monoxide, and for me - because it is the most exciting city in the whole of Southeast Asia with a warm heart and welcoming aura of desperate motorikshami fat-the fat and your own exotic charm. Thailand, unlike its neighbors, was never a colony and therefore retained the enormous cultural and historical wealth, and Bangkok - to the most vivid confirmation.

"Tigers" of Southeast Asia has long been cause astonishment of Europeans and Americans incredible leap from the recent tribal community in the world of futuristic skyscrapers. I was in Bangkok for thirteen years and expected to arrive in my memory a magnificent, enormous and at the same time very comfortable airport. But from the window of the plane saw that something was wrong - to build a new, taken from space serials, with pipes out, like the Pompidou Center in Paris. From the airport - very broad highway to the very center of the city, and in parallel - elevated monorail line. These highways now cross over the old roofs of the city, and when rushing for one, left and right you see the other two. For Muscovites, deprived of opportunities for decades to get to Sheremetyevo in Khimki, it looks like a reproach and an unsolvable enigma - as the capital of the impoverished country, which did not hit a fountain of oil and gas, and where the city builder is not watch for a million dollars, plans for the next ten years to build, not including highways, 550 (!!!) miles of subway lines and the monorail?

The central attraction in Bangkok, not counting the huge shopping malls, many, but there are three that did not pass. This, above all, the Royal Palace with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, as well as the Chao Phraya River and floating market.

The palace is surrounded by a huge temple complex, in which you find yourself in a kaleidoscope of golden domes and steeples. The most important in this picturesque conglomerate - Temple of the Emerald Buddha, built in 1784 to store the main sanctuary of the country - semidesyatipyatisantimetrovoy shape, cut, certainly not from the emerald, and a similar stone, which is called a jade, a green jasper. In this temple is not allowed to enter with a camera, but because this time I was in store for the Emerald Buddha and a powerful telephoto shot from the yard through the window. I note at the same time that Thailand is for the photographer - one of the most loyal of the Earth. Photographing possible in almost every temple, but it is clear that in response to you waiting for the proper tact and sensitivity - no need to climb to the monks busily with a camera or interfere with the temple ceremony. As distract them from thinking about the sublime frank tops.

Chao Phraya River, together with the channels, Klong - one of the main attractions of Bangkok. Ride on the river on the tram can and after the excursion to the Royal Palace - the main town pier is located nearby. But the right way to do this evening, one of the three flagship tourist fleet - double-deck "Princess", combining a tour with an excellent dinner on board. Two hours pass you proplyvut in unexpected angles and high-rise hotels on the shore, and the palace complex, and the most beautiful temple-pagoda in Wat Arun, and super-bridges.

Formerly one of the Klong in the center swerves "Thai Venice" - a vast system of canals leading to the famous floating market. Now the market is closed, and I drove for 80 miles to another, whose name I will not hesitate to give the Russian version, but because there is a quote - DAMNOENSADUAK.

The local "gondola" - smart fast canoe with famously hooked up his nose and a powerful motor-tail. Steering from the spot famously moved our dish to narrow the channel Klong. The banks are very low - practically on a par with water, and the wave of our craft runs on the grass a few meters, reaching the floating houses of the inhabitants and kolysha tied to the porch of the boat. Along the banks, in light of old wooden houses on stilts, is her own life. And the floating market - an inseparable and important part of this river of life. Private boat from which trade coconuts and other fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, intercepting tourists, met along the way, and then, finally, the main market with a berth. There is already possible to buy everything: from hot Thai food and sweets to the giant live parrot. Above channels hang humpback bridges, with their easy sailing pictures at the bottom of peddlers. Especially picturesque old secret, rowing in their canoes with the knee one oar. On the beach - shops, cafes and entertainment with jugglers and snake charmers. Here, you forget that you were waiting for a super-highway, to carry over the old roofs at the airport, because Bangkok - this is only the gateway to Thailand.


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